Arkema gas odorants

Odor-Tech LLC, one of the leading manufacturers of gas odorants in the U.S., is merging into its parent company, Arkema Inc., effective January 1, 2019. As a result, the Odor-Tech name will no longer be used after 2018, and all odorant business going forward will be conducted under the name Arkema.

Based in Pineville, Louisiana, Arkema's odorants business has a direct and secure access to odorant blends raw materials. Tert-Butyl Mercaptan (TBM), Iso-Propyl Mercaptan (IPM), N-Propyl Mercpatan (NPM)TetraHydroThiophene (THT), DiMethylSulfide (DMS), MethylEthylSulfide (MES), EthylMercaptan (EM): are all manufactured by Arkema at our Beaumont, Texas, Rotterdam (Netherlands) and Lacq (France) plants.

Arkema, The Gas Odorant Expert

Mercaptan and Sulfide Gas Odorant production plant

Arkema has produced gas odorants for natural gas and propane for more than 60 years. Arkema is a global leader on the odorant marketplace. Member of the International Standard Organization (ISO), Arkema has a unique expertise in odorization. Odor-Tech has access to this technical expertise, supported by the Arkema R&D laboratory dedicated to gas odorization.

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