Natural gas odorant services from Arkema Odorants

Odorflex Gas Odorant Service and Supply


You need to perform odorant transfers from one tank to many smaller injection units, ask us!

Gas Odorant Mini-Bulk bobtail truck

Arkema Odorants has a fleet of mini-bulk bobtail trucks and experienced delivery technicians to safely transfer odorants. Outsourcing your odorant redistribution job will increase your operations safety and bring cost savings.We handle odorants every day, let us do it for you! Consult Us for your odorant redistribution.

You need to check the odorant quality in your tank, ask us!

Gas Chromatography Laboratory analysis of Gas Odorant

Thanks to our on-site laboratory, we analyze and control the quality of all materials coming in and going out of our plant every day. We can provide you with sample kits and perform a Gas Chromatograph (GC) analysis of the odorant in your storage tank. This service can be done within the week, send us a request or call us at 318.767.0821.

You need odorant quickly, on a temporary basis to pickle a new pipeline or to replace a tank, ask us!

Arkema Gas Odorants Returnable Cylinders are DOT-compliant

Arkema Odorants can provide you with a full solution for temporary odorant storage: odorant cylinders, manifold, hoses and odor control solutions. We can lease various sizes of odorant tanks, assist you in the installation of these tanks and deliver odorant with our mini-bulk bobtail trucks, even in areas with challenging access. Ask Us for a solution to your project!

You need technical advice, ask us!

You have questions on odorant handling or odorant spill management. You face odor fading or odor masking issues: we can train your operators, so they know more about odorants and can set-up the proper emergency response in case of odorant leak. You face odor masking or odor fading: We can help you find a solution. Call us at 610 205 7991 or 610 205 7851 to further discuss.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Listed here are questions we frequently receive related to our gas odorant products.

If you can’t find the answer you need below, ask the Odor Experts here.

What are the primary causes of odorant fade?

Odor fade is a loss of odorant inside the pipe. It is different from odor masking. Odor fade occurs in new pipeline by adsorption at the pipe surface. The natural gas velocity can impact this phenomenon. Mercaptan can also react with rust (iron oxide). If you face odor fade, do not hesitate to ask for our support to solve this issue.

How do you handle towels used to clean up odorant waste? Are they hazardous?

We recommend placing any materials used to handle odorant, such as towels, in a DOT approved drum and disposing of them as a hazardous waste. These materials are hazardous; you would need to find a facility that could properly dispose of hazardous material. We recommend the use of a neutralizing agent to control potential odor-related issues; visit our Odor Control page to find more about O-ScentTM. Odor-Tech can also advise you on setting up spill management protocols.

What regulation drives the addition of odor to natural gas?

The Department of Transportation regulates the odorization of gas. The details can be found in code 40 CFR 192.625 (Odorization of Gas). Other international and local associations have also developed some guidelines.  Do not hesitate to contact us to know more about these.